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Things to know about Phishing attacks

As the number of cyber security attacks are growing exponentially, In 2020, approximately 75% of enterprises around the world will have experienced a phishing attack. In this blog, we will cover what do you mean by a phishing attack, the most commonly used phishing techniques, the life cycle of a phishing technique, and ways to prevent a phishing technique.

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Things to know about Event-Driven Architecture

With the continuing growth of micro services and the cloud best practice of designing decoupled systems, it’s imperative that developers have the ability to utilize a service, or system for better scalability and availability. Event-driven architecture focuses on function as a service, giving the developers more availability, elasticity, scalability, and cost optimization. This blog covers what do you mean by serverless architecture, when to use it, and various AWS serverless services such as API Gateway, Lambda, SQS, SNS, and SES.

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What is Quantum Computing ?

I choose Quantum computing for my Literature review project in Smart materials, for which I had to read about 10 research papers along with a variety of blogs and resources

In this blog, I will be covering the basics of quantum mechanics and principles of quantum mechanics used in quantum computing, the basics of quantum computing and the principles of quantum computing, Qubits vs bits, Qubit gates and Qubit Circuits.

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Fundamentals to manage, monitor and secure AWS Cloud

This blog focuses on maintaining and monitoring AWS applications to ensure they are operating at required utilization thresholds, and are protected from any external threats. I will be covering fundamentals of AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, AWS Trusted Advisor, AWS CloudWatch, AWS Health Dashboards, AWS Identity and Access Management(IAM), AWS Web Application Firewall(WAF), AWS Firewall Manager […]

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Cloud Networking Fundamentals

I spent over a couple of weeks reading about Virtual Private Cloud(VPC), public and private subnets, Internet Gateway, Route tables, Network access control lists(NACLs), Security Groups, Nat Gateway, Bastion hosts, VPC peering, AWS Transit Gateway, VPN connections, AWS Direct connect, AWS Route 53 and AWS Cloud Front.

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Intro into #Hashing ?

Hello, this blog contains the basic concept of hashing, hashing terminologies, various hashing functions, various collision resolution strategies, chaining with and without replacement, chaining using linked list and extendible hashing. At the end it contains link to a GitHub repository, along with my another blog on encryption and decryption. Concept of Hashing: To search for […]

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Basics of Graphs

We will be covering what are graph data structures, along with how to represent them, traverse them, find minimum spanning tree using prim and kruskal, finding short path using dijkstra and sort the graph using topological sort.

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Do you get git ? , if not then this might be really helpful for you . Q1.Why know version control ? It’s super important to have detailed historical information for your organization’s configuration files and automation code. This let’s the administrators see what was modified and when, which can be critical to troubleshooting. It […]

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Linked List

A linked list may be defined if all the block are linked to each other ,using address of the blocks . It’s different from an array , as an array is a collection of simultaneous boxes , where as list is collection of boxes which are connected by a string . An Example of Linked […]

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