Blockchain in python using functions

There are a total of 10 functions involved in this project ,per-requisites basic blockchain lingo should be known , The project is divided into sub parts , we will traverse sub -parts wise ; 1.Genesis_block : 2.Adding a Transaction A.Now here get_transaction_value is used to take input from the user B.Add transaction , which will […]

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Block Chain

it is immutable ,sequential chain of records called Blocks. They can contain transactions,files or any data you like .They are chained together using hashes. It uses hash functions :it takes in input value and that creates an out put value deterministic of the input value. It takes an input and outputs a hash . A […]

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Python data types

LIST list are ordered sequences ,which can hold variety of object types , it’s also mutable . They are represented by [],and ‘,’ is used to separate objects .It supports indexing and slicing . my_list=[‘kaka’,100,6.42]1.len(my_list) = 32.my_list[0] = ‘kaka’3.my_list[1:] = [100,6.42]4.my_list.append(‘element’) = adds the element at the end of the list 5.my_list.pop() = removes the […]

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