Basics of Graphs

We will be covering what are graph data structures, along with how to represent them, traverse them, find minimum spanning tree using prim and kruskal, finding short path using dijkstra and sort the graph using topological sort.

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Binary Search Tree

picture credits :http://turnoff.us/image/en/binary-tree.png So we have binary tree , but it was not sorted in a way . So difference between a binary tree , So we follow the nomenclature used below , Our class will look like, 1.Create: Same as Binary Tree , except we don’t give user the choice to select position in […]


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Linked List

A linked list may be defined if all the block are linked to each other ,using address of the blocks . It’s different from an array , as an array is a collection of simultaneous boxes , where as list is collection of boxes which are connected by a string . An Example of Linked […]

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