Do you get git ? , if not then this might be really helpful for you . Q1.Why know version control ? It’s super important to have detailed historical information for your organization’s configuration files and automation code. This let’s the administrators see what was modified and when, which can be critical to troubleshooting. It […]

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Encryption and Decryption

We have used Java Language , as it already has Inbuilt Encryption & Decryption methods , we also have used File handling part so as to make easy for file transfer . Problem Statement : If you search Data breach on google , the chances that you will get a lot of recent news about […]

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How a bitcoin transaction works

1. A user needs to open the wallet application and attempt to send the a certain crypto from sender to recipient .2. This transaction now awaiting to be picked up ,it hovers in a ‘pool of unconfirmed transaction’3. Miners on the network select transactions from these pools and form them into a ‘block’.4. By selecting […]

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