Introduction to Classification along with prerequisites

I took Introduction to Artificial Intelligence class at my university given by Swati Ahirao ma’am. This blog covers prerequisites for classification, common terminologies used in classification, basics of classification, logistic regression, K-Nearest Neighbors(KNN) algorithm, Decision Tree algorithm, Various Ensemble Methods such as bagging, boosting and random forest and evaluation of the quality of a classification […]

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What is Quantum Computing ?

I choose Quantum computing for my Literature review project in Smart materials, for which I had to read about 10 research papers along with a variety of blogs and resources

In this blog, I will be covering the basics of quantum mechanics and principles of quantum mechanics used in quantum computing, the basics of quantum computing and the principles of quantum computing, Qubits vs bits, Qubit gates and Qubit Circuits.

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Fundamentals to manage, monitor and secure AWS Cloud

This blog focuses on maintaining and monitoring AWS applications to ensure they are operating at required utilization thresholds, and are protected from any external threats. I will be covering fundamentals of AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, AWS Trusted Advisor, AWS CloudWatch, AWS Health Dashboards, AWS Identity and Access Management(IAM), AWS Web Application Firewall(WAF), AWS Firewall Manager […]

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