Various methods available for accepting User-Input in java.

There are 4 major ways of doing this .

1.Scanner Class : This is one of the most used techniques , it's easy for passing tokenised input using methods such as nextInt(),etc. One disadvantage is ,it's reading methods are not synchronized .

import java.util.Scanner; //importing the classScanner scan = new Scanner(;// creating a new object of the class
String s =;
int i = scan.nextInt();//used to read data

2.Buffered Reader and InputStreamReader Class: This method we wrap the in an InputStreamReader ,which is wrapped in a BufferedReader. It’s keeps an Index of data/information but it’s difficult to Wrap code .

import;//importing the classimport;
BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;//creating a new object of the class
String s = br.readLine();//reading data
int i = Integer.parseInt(s);//converting string to int datatype

3.Console Class:This method utilizes taking input from the command line , it’s usually used in client testing of programs. Main advantage is reading secret word without reverberating the entered characters ,reading is synchronized .It does not work properly in some IDE.

import;//importing class
Console console = System.console();//new object 
String s = console.readLine();//reading data
int i = Integer.parseInt(console.readLine());//converting it to int

4.DataInputStream class : This method uses a primitive read Java data types from an input stream ,machine independent way. Not recommended to use

DataInputStream dis = new DataInputStream(;//new object of the class
int i = dis.readInt();//reading the data 


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